A designer and maker from Virginia Beach, VA, Cindy Guillermo has always been gifted with the power of alchemy. From her early days of making purses out of aluminum cans to dresses made out of thrifted bedsheets, Cindy loves turning trash into treasure. In 2020, after endless days in lockdown and looking hard at the troubles we now collectively face, Cindy realized she could use her superpower to take action and do something. And so: Unpopular Market. 

Locally sourced and trash to table, Unpopular Market designs and creates clothing, accessories, and home decor items using recycled and repurposed materials. The current collection features pouches and wristlets that give packaging waste and comic books an extended life beyond the landfill, and okay, maybe this won’t be the thing that finally saves the planet from environmental collapse, but it’s a start and Unpopular Market plans to keep going.